Some Recent Favorites

Successful People Listen to Audiobooks: on my conflicted relationship with Audible and its assault on leisure time (The Baffler)

The Challenge of Preserving the Historical Record of #MeToo: on a groundbreaking archive and the effort to understand the legacy of #MeToo (The New Yorker)

Who Is a Women’s College For? on Mount Holyoke College’s trans-inclusive policy and the question of women’s spaces (The Chronicle of Higher Education, cover story)

Preservation Acts: on the ethical dimensions of archiving the web (Harper’s)

Leaving Herland: on feminist utopian literature and the future of #MeToo (published in The Point; recently recommended by Ron Charles in The Washington Post)

The Intersex Rights Movement Is Ready for its Moment: on how to turn a stigmatized identity into a movement (The Washington Post Magazine, cover story)

Choose Your Own Family: on feminist arguments for abolishing the family and Sophie Lewis’ Full Surrogacy Now (The New Republic)

Women Are From Venus: a review of Lisa Taddeo’s Three Women (The Baffler)

Mermaid Mania: on mermaid myths, #MeToo, and Samantha Hunt's The Seas (The Baffler)

more criticism

Why do women love true crime: a review of Rachel Monroe’s Savage Appetites (Washington Post)

Documenting her own truth, even when reality slips away: a review of Esmé Weijun Wang’s The Collected Schizophrenias (The Washington Post)

On Leslie Jamison's The Recovering (The Washington Post)

Book of Tricks: on feminist poetics under Trump and Anne Waldman's Trickster Feminism (The Poetry Foundation)

On Carmen Maria Machado's Her Body and Other Parties (Slate)

Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale Is Nostalgic for the Messy, Contentious Feminism of Right Now (Slate

On Rebecca Solnit's The Mother of All Questions (Slate)

On Mark Greif's Against Everything (Slate)

On Dorthe Nors’ So Much For that Winter (Slate)

On Rebecca Traister’s All the Single Ladies (Slate)

On Lindy West’s Shrill (Slate)

How Jane Austen Helped Inspire Elena Ferrante’s Disappearing Act (Slate)

Why Anne of Green Gables Is a Patron Saint of Female Outsiders (Slate)

A play about Roe v. Wade that Is a Parable of an Exclusionary Women's Movement (The New Yorker

The Wastefulness of Modern Dining as Performance Art (The New Yorker)

The Podcast that Tells Ingeniously Bad Bedtime Stories to Help You Fall Asleep (The New Yorker)

On loneliness as literary subject and Olivia Laing's The Lonely City (The L.A. Review of Books)

On Elizabeth Strout's The Burgess Boys (The New Republic)

On Bee Wilson's Consider the Fork (The New Republic)

On the Grimms' Tales at 200 (The New Republic)

more reporting

Adam Rippon Wants to Stay Famous: a profile of America’s sweetheart (The Washington Post Magazine, cover story)

"I Wish I'd Never Called the Police": How Donald Trump's immigration policies create an impossible dilemma for undocumented victims of violence (Slate, cover story)

Flight Risk: Airlines are surprisingly ill-equipped to handle accusations of sexual assault on their planes (Slate, winner of a RALLY Award for achievement in reporting on sexual violence, conferred by the Poynter Institute) 

A High School Student Accused a Classmate of Sexual Assault. Her School Suspended Her. (Slate)

Directly Accountable: How tort reform harms victims of sexual assault (Slate)

Is the Teen Who Live-Streamed an Alleged Rape an Accomplice? (Slate)

The Yale Student Protests Are the Campus PC Wars at Their Best (Slate)

How Did a Painting by a Hillary Clinton Superfan End up on the Cover of an Anti-Hillary Book? (Slate)

Should Dictionaries Do More to Confront Sexism? (The New Yorker

The Inextricable Tie Between Eating Disorders and Endurance Sports (Outside)

Ty Haney is the Queen of Athleisure (Outside)

To Build a Family: Is reproductive technology a privilege or a right? (National Journal)

The IUD Capital of the United States (National Journal, cover story)

The Write Wing: A caucus for lawmakers with literary ambitions (National Journal)

The Art Historian Advising Ted Cruz (National Journal)

Mr. Death Penalty (National Journal/The Atlantic)

John Hickenlooper, Party of One (National Journal/The Atlantic)

There’s a Legal War Over the Definition of Rape (The New Republic)

Mike Huckabee Would Rather Eat Glass Than Campaign For President (The New Republic

The Fukushima Fearmongers (The New Republic)

This is What Happens When a Pipeline Bursts in Your Town (The New Republic)